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All motor yachts, catamaran and sail yachts in Odessa are recently built, selected in accordance with exacting high standards, perfectly maintained and fully equipped.
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Choose a motor yacht, catamaran or a sail yacht from our fleet and ... enjoy the Yachting in the Black Sea.

Start your sailing experience in Odessa and explore:

Tendra Peninsula

A big part of Tendra island is Black Sea biosphere reserve. This peninsula famous for its unusual lanscapes with salt lakes and red plants (glassworts)

Kinburn Peninsula is located in southern Ukraine and is a protected area.War water and spacious beaches, fine white sand and pristine nature, about 200 fresh and salt lakes, incredible number of birds and greenery all this is a paradise for tourists! This place is probably the only in Ukraine which has not reached civilization!

Vilkovo - "Ukraine-Venice"

It is a beautiful sight along with water, tress and snow-white small houses form an image of the city which can be characterized as intimate-beautiful and magic. Here you feel as if you belong to the part of the wise world. The life of city dwellers is continuously connected with water. The set of channels bear water of Danube ore close to habitation.

The Zmeiniy Island  is situated in front of a mouth of the Danube River, 37 km far from the coast of Ukraine. It’s the biggest island in the Black Sea; its area measures 20,5 hectares.

Crimea: Balaklava Submarine Base, Sevastopol, Yalta, Sudak

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